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The prestigious and much sought after Asian Golf Awards programme is now enshrined in its own dedicated web site. This virtual museum in cyberspace is devoted to recognising and honouring the best in the Asia Pacific Golf industry – men and women and clubs that collectively help deliver a world class experience for golf! It is widely regarded as the “Oscars” of the Asian golf club industry. The programme has just finished its 20th year and winners in over 47 award categories were recognized during the staging of the Asian Golf Awards in DLF Golf & Country Club, Gurugram, India. 


It was like Bollywood had come to the prestigious DLF Golf and Country Club in Gurugram. The occasion was the 2019 Asian Golf Awards which was staged on the grounds of the multi-award winning DLF Golf and Country Club.

A record number of awards were presented in grand style at a gala banquet fit for a maharajah. The 2019 Asian Golf Awards marked the 20th anniversary of what is widely regarded as the “Oscars” for the golf industry in the Asia Pacific.


​The top award, the Asia Pacific Golf Hall of Fame went to India’s Dr. Pawan Munjal, Chairman, CEO and Managing Director of Hero Motors, the world’s largest manufacturer of motorcycles and scooters. Dr. Munjal co-hosts the ‘Hero World Challenge’, at Albany in the Bahamas, a PGA sanctioned Tiger Woods invitational event – one of the most high-profile golf tournaments in the world. He also hosts the ‘Hero Challenge’ – the innovative one-hole knockout contest played under lights, at three prominent European Tour events.

The second inductee is Mr. Du Sha, founder and Chairman of Pacific Links International which was established in 2012. It owns golf clubs in the US and through its network of owned, affiliate and reciprocal clubs Pacific Links controls hundreds of golf clubs worldwide. As of 2018, Mr. Du Sha’s Pacific Links had access to over 700 golf properties located in 34 countries around the world. It also offers concierge services to its members.
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Asian Golf Awards
20 Years - Still Going Strong
This year marks the 20th anniversary of this long-standing industry recognition event and after so many years, it reigns supreme on the Asia Pacific golf landscape. The Asian Golf Awards is staged annually as a twin-event with the Asia Pacific Golf Summit. This year, both events will be staged at the prestigious, multi-award winning DLF Golf & Country Club in the futuristic cyber city of Gurugram which is close to the Indian capital city of New Delhi. Both events will be held on November 4 – 6.
The 2019 edition of ASIAN GOLF’S “Most Powerful People In Golf In Asia” is out. 
The latest is the sixth in the annual series that focuses on the men and women who rule over golf in Asia.

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A total of 47 categories received the prestigious Asian Golf Awards plaque together with certificates.
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