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The prestigious and much sought after Asian Golf Awards programme is now enshrined in its own dedicated web site. This virtual museum in cyberspace is devoted to recognising and honouring the best in the Asia Pacific Golf industry – men and women and clubs that collectively help deliver a world class experience for golf! It is widely regarded as the “Oscars” of the Asian golf club industry. The programme has just finished its 20th year and winners in over 47 award categories were recognized during the staging of the Asian Golf Awards in DLF Golf & Country Club, Gurugram, India. 

Best in Asia Pacific for 2006

Best in the Country for 2006

Below are the top five in each category.
Below are the top five in each category.
Best Golf Destination in Asia Pacific
1. Thailand
2. China
3. Indonesia
4. Malaysia
5. Philippines
Best Golf Destination Outside Asia Pacific
1. Australia
2. Dubai
3. United States
4. Scotland
5. Ireland
Best Course Architect in Asia Pacific
2. Schmidt & Curley
3. Gary Player Design
4. Nicklaus Design
5. Faldo Design
Best Golf Resort in Asia Pacific
1. Mission Hills Resort (China)
2. The Empire Hotel & CC (Brunei)
3. Le Meridien Nirwana Golf & Spa Resort Bali (Indonesia)
4. Spring City Golf & Lake Resort (China)
5. Bali G&CC (Indonesia)
Best Championship Course in Asia Pacific
1. Sentosa GC, Serapong Course (Singapore)
2. Thai Country Club (Thailand)
3. Saujana G&CC, Palm Course (Malaysia)
4. Amata Spring CC (Thailand)
5. Blue Canyon CC, Canyon Course (Thailand)
Best Club House in Asia Pacific
1. Thai Country Club (Thailand)
2. Tanah Merah CC, Garden Course (Singapore)
3. Spring City Golf & Lake Resort (China)
4. The Empire Hotel & CC (Brunei)
5. Nirwana Bali GC (Indonesia)
Best New Course in Asia Pacific
1. Amata Spring CC (Thailand)
2. Suzhou Jinji Lake International (China)
3. Chiang Mai Highlands Golf Spa & Resort (Thailand)
4. Shenzhen Firestone GC (China)
5. Phokeethra CC (Cambodia)
Best Course in Asia Pacific
1. Spring City Golf & Lake Resort (Mountain Course) (China)
2. Ria Bintan GC (Ocean Course) (Indonesia)
3. Nirwana Bali GC (Indonesia)
4. Alpine Golf & Sports Club (Thailand)
5. Shan-Shui G&CC (Malaysia)
Best Course in China
1. Spring City Golf & Lake Resort (Mountain Course)
2. Mission Hills GC (Norman Course)
3. Beijing Honghua International GC
4. Jade Dragon Snow Mountain GC
5. Chung Shan Hot Spring GC (Nicklaus Course)
Best Course in Chinese Taipei
1. Sunrise G&CC
2. Ta Shee G&CC (East Central Course)
3. Taiwan G&CC
4. Nan Fong GC
5. Miramar G&CC ('A' Course)
Best Course in Indonesia
1. Ria Bintan GC (Ocean Course)
2. Nirwana Bali GC
3. Jagorawi G&CC (Old Course)
4. Gunung Geulis CC
5. Rancamaya G&CC
Best Course in Japan
1. Phoenix CC
2. Hirono GC
3. Kasumigaseki CC (East Course)
4. Taiheiyo GC (Gotemba Course)
5. Caledonian GC
Best Course in Malaysia
1. Saujana G&CC (Palm Course)
2. Shan-Shui G&CC (Malaysia)
3. The Mines Resort & GC
4. Pantai Lagenda G&CC
5. The Empire Hotel & CC
Best Course in Philippines
1. Riviera Golf Club (Langer Course)
2. Sta. Elena Golf Course
3. Eagle Ridge G&CC (Faldo Course)
4. Wack Wack G&CC (East Course)
5. Mt. Malarayat G&CC
Best Course in Singapore
1. Sentosa GC (Serapong Course)
2. Tanah Merah CC (Garden Course)
3. Laguna National G&CC (Masters Course)
4. Singapore Island CC (Bukit Course)
5. Sentosa GC (Tanjong Course)
Best Course in Sub-Continent
(incl Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan & Sri Lanka)
1. Delhi GC (India)
2. Victoria Golf & Country Resort (Sri Lanka)
3. Aamby Valley Golf Course (India)
4. Gokarna Forest Golf Resort & Spa (Nepal)
5. Royal Calcutta GC (India)
Best Course in Thailand
1. Thai Country Club
2. Alpine Golf & Sports Club
3. Blue Canyon CC (Canyon Course)
4. Navatanee Golf Course
5. Laem Chabang International CC