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What A Difference Market Intelligence Makes!

It is hard to imagine that for more than 140 years (that's how long golf has been in existence in Southeast Asia), there has been no research done to map the business of golf in the region. Can you imagine what the golf industry would be like if it had access to golf market intelligence?
Access to timely market intelligence makes the difference between success and failure. It is that special ingredient that provides the guidance on how to hedge one's bet in the game of business.
All that is set to change soon because the first edition of ASIAN GOLF PROFILES – a study of golf demographics and life-style covering the region will be made available in October. This revolutionary research project will be previewed at the 2015 Asia Pacific Golf Summit to be staged in Singapore on October 14-15.
"Asian Golf Profiles has been in the works for over two years and we needed that time to map the market properly, build up the required data-bases and determine the type of information that we wanted for the golf industry in general," revealed Mike Sebastian, chief executive officer of the Asia Pacific Golf Group, the owner of Asian Golf Profiles and of APGS 2015.
The survey covers a wide-range of data fields and for the first time, golf clubs, equipment manufacturers and suppliers and the trade can have access to a body of reliable market intelligence to help them understand trends in the market.
"For a first time effort, Asian Golf Profiles is a very comprehensive piece of research and it is our intention to keep it updated on a regular basis – the main body of intelligence will be good for at least two years but we hope to have a number of very specific topic-driven research projects during the course of a given year," Sebastian pointed out.
ASIAN GOLF PROFILES will be one of the main highlights of APGS 2015. This year's Summit is designed to address specific challenges and opportunities open to the golf club industry in the region. "With more than 800 golf clubs in Southeast Asia, we hope to create a platform for club industry professionals to come together with experts in marketing, service excellence, human capital development, golf course agronomy amongst other topics to share and discuss and seek out new ideas for improvement and growth," Sebastian added.
APGS 2015 will be a very interactive and engaging dialogue for all golf club owners, operators and professional managers. "It is the best gathering of its kind in the region and besides the sharing of knowledge, there will undoubtedly be the opportunity to network and develop new relationships in business."
Don't miss out on the year's only Summit that deals with your challenges, hopes and aspirations – the best knowledge conference designed with the Southeast Asian golf market in mind.
Time to act – Book your seat for APGS 2015! We'll be there to welcome you and ensure that you have a terrific experience!
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