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The prestigious and much sought after Asian Golf Awards programme is now enshrined in its own dedicated web site. This virtual museum in cyberspace is devoted to recognising and honouring the best in the Asia Pacific Golf industry – men and women and clubs that collectively help deliver a world class experience for golf! It is widely regarded as the “Oscars” of the Asian golf club industry. The programme has just finished its 19th year and winners in over 50 award categories were recognized during the staging of the Asian Golf Awards in Bangkok, Thailand. 


By Mike Sebastian

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The end of the second decade of the 21st Century is just around the corner. It’s a time during which the world has witnessed change and disruption on a scale never experienced before.
Dominant old technologies have been unceremoniously dumped making way for new technologies that were never envisioned until recent times. Corporate behemoths like General Motors and IBM have been pushed off their lofty pedestals to make way for fast-charging corporate upstarts like Apple, Amazon, and Google.
The world and everything on it has been turned on its head – but it has all proved to be for the better. It has brought about change on an unprecedented scale. Individuals, corporations and nations that have been quick to seize and engage with changing trends, have been reaping the benefits of disruption.
The pace of change is something that the golf industry needs to seize and engage with great gusto. It needs to find new and exciting ways to compel younger generations to take up the game and replace the rapidly depleting legions of older players from past generations. New formats of play must be explored; the element of fun must be factored in to appeal to the young; costs of equipment and apparel must be made affordable and the cost to play must be reduced. Golf needs a new template to draw in, cater and retain new blood.
The time to engage is now! The 2018 Asia Pacific Golf Summit (APGS 2018) will serve as a platform to explore, discuss and come up with a new mindset to break free from tradition and embrace revolutionary new pathways to make golf attractive, viable and profitable across the board. Talk alone is not good enough. It’s time to ACT and ENGAGE!